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I am a singer/songwriter/pianist from Yorkshire, England, and like most people music plays a very important role in my life. My first studio EP ‘Envying Love’ is now complete and available from all major online stores (don’t forget to join my subscription list for up to date information on new releases, free downloads and upcoming events).

‘Envying Love’ was written over a two year period in which my classical piano training was intertwined with my growing appreciation for Jazz, Soul, Latin and Pop music. I never originally set out to become a singer but the process of writing my own music made it somewhat inevitable. The studio sessions have been a valuable learning process for me working alongside gifted musicians Craig Steer, Rob Taylor and Tim Keech as well as the incredible producers Wai Wan and Terry Dunn.

Recent music projects have included a trip to Memphis, USA where I helped to mentor at the Stax Music Academy. This was an amazing experience as I got to work with some very talented young people as well as the Grammy Award winning jazz saxophonist, Kirk Whalum and Stevie Wonder’s sound engineer Ralph P. Sutton. The trip also provided me with an opportunity to record at the world famous Sun Studios where Elvis Presley first started his career. Interestingly, this was also my very first experience of studio recording so I guess I can officially say that I have something in common with ‘The King’ himself.

Whilst the piano is my main instrument I have been known to turn my hand to playing the drums, bass and guitar. I love writing and recording my own music but I’m also very interested to hear other peoples versions of my work which is why I would like to actively encourage cover versions. Free backing tracks of all my songs are available on my Free Stuff page. If you would like me to include a performance of your cover song on my YouTube page please contact me.

‘Envying Love’ the EP is now available from all major online stores.